Learning English is a process that happens over time and involves a lot of hard work. We are here to support you, and we also expect that you bring your best effort to your learning. All EAL classrooms emphasize Learning Habits (Perseverance, Collaboration, Respect and Responsibility), because these learning skills will help you be a better student.


Your progress as an EAL student is recorded in many ways:

Where to go for extra help:

Teacher Blogs

J. Henderson’s Blog

Ms. Pravin’s Blog

L. Rollison’s Blog

N.Takizawa’s blog

Support Outside of Class: 

Office hours: Please speak to your EAL teacher about when they hold their office hours.

Writer’s Unblock: This club offers additional writing support and opportunities for creative writing. Please see the newest ASA handout for days and times.

Homework club: Sometimes, just have a nice quiet place to do homework before heading home in nice. Please see the newest ASA handout for days and times.

Online grammar and language resources: coming soon!


Tips and Advice for EAL: By EAL students, for EAL students (coming soon!)