About Reading levels

Leveled Reading

In the middle school, we use a leveled reading approach based on the Fountas and Pinnell (F&P) system. Reading assessments are conducted for all EAL students throughout the school year to gauge reading progress. Understanding where a student is working on the F&P scale helps teachers guide students to books best suited to their capabilities. Our EAL classrooms are structured to give our students instructional support that meets their individual needs. All EAL middle school students’ reading levels are assessed to determine the “just right” books for independent and group reading.

Thousands of books have been categorized by their F&P level, using letters A through Z, with Z being the highest level.  F&P assessment tools reflects a child’s ability to not only recognize and read aloud the words on the page, but to also demonstrate various complexities of meanings and understanding of what was read. As students read, it is important that they practice the reading strategies and reading elements questions that are appropriate for their level. You can find questions to ask readers, organized by reading level, on this Questions for readers document.