Our Program

There are two levels of language support in the middle school. A student’s EAL placement is based upon their performance on language assessments (including the WIDA Model). Students who are at WIDA levels 3 and 4 and need daily language instruction are placed in Humanities-EAL and EAL Support 1. Students who are at WIDA level 5 are placed in mainstream Humanities and EAL Support 2.


How We Assess Language Learning

Language learning is assessed throughout the year:

Moving Through the Program/ Exiting EAL

Once admitted into the EAL program, movement between levels, including program exit, is considered only at the end of a semester. Movement is based upon WIDA test results, class performance, academic English proficiency, and teacher recommendations. For a student to exit the EAL program, they must meet our exit criteria, which includes a WIDA score in the high 5 range.